NOTE: Commercial licenses and support subscriptions are no longer available.
Please see this blog post for more information.

Support Features

None Standard Premium
Source Repository Access Yes Yes Yes
Community Forum Support Yes Yes Yes
Expedited Premium Forum Support No Yes Yes
Email Support Tickets No Yes Yes
Telephone Support Tickets No No Yes
Emergency Bug Fixes No No Yes
Remote Troubleshooting No No Yes
Max Initial Response Time No 72 hr 24 hr
Included Support Credits (per Developer) No 40 40

Ordering FAQ

Does an Extensible 1.x commercial license cover both 1.0+ and 1.5+ usage?
Yes. Any version number beginning with 1.0.0 through 1.9.9 is covered by the 1.x license and you may build and deploy any number of applications using any versions in the 1.x range under the same license. If a new major version of Extensible is released (e.g. 2.0.0) then an upgrade license may be required at that time to distribute applications under Extensible 2.x.
Can I view the license and/or support terms now?
Yes. You can visit our licensing overview page to access all of our license documents, or you can directly view the commercial license agreement, the support services agreement or the GPL v3.
Do I have to buy a commercial license?
Extensible is dual-licensed just like Ext JS, under both open source (GPL v3) and commercial licenses. If you do not plan on making your application open source under the terms of the GPL then a commercial license is required per developer. For complete details see our licensing overview.
How many licenses do I need?
Generally speaking, you should be licensed for the same number of developers for Extensible that you have licensed for Ext JS. However you do have added flexibility to get exactly the number of licenses you need which might not always match up with the options available from Sencha (e.g., for 7 developers you could buy a 5-pack and 2 individual licenses).
Can I purchase licenses and/or support separately?
Yes, you may purchase licenses and support in any combination you want. If you plan on using Extensible under the open source GPL license you may still choose to purchase a support subscription if needed. This is a great way to still support the project even if you don't require a commercial license.
How long does a commercial license last?
Licenses are royalty-free, and are perpetual for the major version of Extensible that you license (e.g., 1.0), including minor version updates for that major version (1.1, 1.2, etc). Any subsequent major version release (e.g., 2.0) may require an upgrade fee.
How long does a support subscription last?
Support subscriptions last for 12 months and may be renewed at the end of that time period.
How do support credits work?
Credits are used when creating any email or phone (premium only) support ticket. Email support tickets use 10 credits per incident. Telephone support uses 50 credits per hour with a 25 credit minimum. Premium support forums are available 24×7×365 to all support subscribers and do not use any credits.
Do you accept alternate forms of payment aside from PayPal?
Yes. We can accept purchase orders, checks and direct bank transfers. Please note that for checks and purchase orders, your order cannot be finalized until the payment has cleared our bank. To arrange for payment via one of these alternate methods, please send an email to and include the combination of licenses and/or support that you need.
Can you send me a sales receipt?
We are happy to send a sales receipt on request. When emailing us to confirm your order, please indicate that you would like a sales receipt, and include the billing contact information that should be included on it (contact name, company name if applicable and billing address).