Issue in FireFox

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Issue in FireFox

Postby test_john » Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:23 pm

In Firefox i am not getting data.

getTemplateEventData: function(evtData) {


upper function is not called by

renderItems: function() {
eventGrid: this.allDayOnly ? this.allDayGrid : this.eventGrid,
viewStart: this.viewStart,
tpl: this.getEventTemplate(),
maxEventsPerDay: this.maxEventsPerDay,
templateDataFn: Ext.bind(this.getTemplateEventData, this),
evtMaxCount: this.evtMaxCount,
weekCount: this.weekCount,
dayCount: this.dayCount,
getMoreText: Ext.bind(this.getMoreText, this)
this.fireEvent('eventsrendered', this);

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