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Feature Request Status Meanings

Postby brian.moeskau » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:06 pm

Shamelessly copied (and slightly modified) from the Ext forums, I'll try following the same model and see how it goes...
Similar to the Bug forum, Feature Requests will be actively monitored and processed in our tracking system. Please don't tag your own posts -- forum admins will manage the post tags!

DISCUSS: The request is still under discussion and more details need to be worked out before coming up with an implementation plan. Feel free to bump, shout, and cheer for what you'd like added.

OPEN: A developer has reviewed the request and entered it into our tracking system. This status will be followed with a tracking number for reference. Note that enhancements are not done on patch releases and are scheduled to the next minor revision.

COMPLETE: A developer has implemented the feature and a code change has been applied in our VCS for the next release.

STALE: If a developer does not receive requested information in a timely manner, the issue will be marked Stale (and closed) and a new thread will need to be started.

CLOSED: A developer has determined that the feature will not be implemented at this time and no code changes were made.

DUPE: The feature in question was already requested in a separate topic. Details for the original reuqest should be linked within the post.
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