ExtJS 4.1 MVC calendar not working

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ExtJS 4.1 MVC calendar not working

Postby faradox » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:46 am

Hello to everybody!
I have an application with ExtJS MVC.
I want to use extensible calendar. but when I trigger, an error occurs like
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"TypeError: picker.getSelectionModel is not a function".

I dont know what to do, please help me.
in my app.js I set config for calendar
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    enabled: true,
    disableCaching: false,
    paths: {
        'Extensible': 'main/lib/extensible-1.6.1/src/',
        'Extensible.example': 'main/lib/extensible-1.6.1/examples/'

my view
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Ext.define("directsale.view.Calendar", {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.testcalendar',
    requires: [
    autoShow: true,
    layout: 'fit',
    initComponent: function () {
        this.items = [{
                xtype: 'extensible.calendarpanel',
                eventStore: Ext.create('Extensible.calendar.data.MemoryEventStore', {
                    data: Ext.create('Extensible.example.calendar.data.Events')
                title: 'Basic Calendar',
                name: 'test-thing',
                height: 500,
                width: 500
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