Overriding Extensible.calendar.form.EventWindow.show()

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Overriding Extensible.calendar.form.EventWindow.show()

Postby darknod23 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:39 am

Hi, i'm new here,
I currently using CalendarPanel. And Need to customize EventWindow. I do several overriding, then i'd tried to override show() function. I need to Set value on a Field inside EventWindow
but not working well, i debugging in Chrome, but always calling the original function in extensible-all-debug after :

Code: Select all
this.callParent([this.animateTarget, function(){
            this.titleField.focus(false, 100);
        }, this]);

i think its because its overriden, so its calling the parent that is the original in extensible-all-debug.
Is there any possibility to overriden this function properly?
Sorry for my bad english.
Thank you anyway.
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