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Postby Android » Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:42 am

Hello to All of you.. :D
i have a problem .. and i don't reeally know how to hadle it or solve it.
We are on a project and the Ext.js App walk just fine :D with the Calender , but i just found that , when i click on an Event , i just get a Window (event editor view ) like follow:
and i want to remove it .
So i used in my controller the following code, but it does not work for me and sometimes the event dayclick (i put it on return false) display the event editor view. :cry:

how can i cancel the display of the event editor view in dayclick Event and in eventclick ? :cry: hier is my controller:
"app panel#calender":
eventclick: this.onEventClick
onEventClick: function(panel, rec, el)
return false;
// dayClick

ondayClick: function(panel, dt, allday, el)
return false;
or do i have to use listeners... so how ?

thank you for your reply !!
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