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End of the Line

This post has been a long time coming, and probably won’t come as a shock to anyone who has followed the Extensible release history. Effective immediately: The current 1.6.1 version of Extensible (compatible with Ext 4.x) will be the last official … Continue reading

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Extensible 1.6 Release Candidate

The first (and hopefully only) RC for Extensible 1.6 is out! Download it now. The main goal of this release was to finalize recurrence, but there were quite a number of bug fixes and other improvements throughout.  Make sure you … Continue reading

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Squash Variable Leaks with Siesta

JavaScript makes it incredibly easy to create global variables accidentally, which is inefficient and can also lead to very hard-to-debug bugs later. Simply omit the var keyword before a variable assignment, and you’ve inadvertently leaked a variable by defining it … Continue reading

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Extensible 1.6.0 Beta

Well, it’s been a bit longer in the making than I had originally planned, but 1.6 is now ready for beta testing (definitely not yet ready for production use!). Of course the primary goal of this release has been to … Continue reading

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Recurrence Teaser

A quick look at the current progress (click for full size): I’ll have a lot of details about implementation along with a version for testing in my next post, coming very soon…

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Preparing for Ext 4.1 (Part 3)

As of this writing, Ext 4.1 Release Candidate 1 was just published a couple of days ago, so I thought it would be a good time to wrap up this series. In part 1 I outlined resources for learning about … Continue reading

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We’re Hiring

Extensible is growing, and we’re looking for developers interested in getting in on the ground floor of something cool. We’ll have lots of opportunities for product development, project work, training, you name it. Since we are still early on in … Continue reading

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Extensible 1.0.2 & 1.5.1 Released

I’m pleased to announce the latest maintenance release for each branch of Extensible: Extensible 1.0.2 (for Ext 3.x): A bug-fix release for the most part with a few important fixes for IE and OSX, recommended for all 1.0.x users. For additional … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Well, OK — New Year was a couple of weeks ago. Still, I thought it might be a great time to usher in 2012 with a little status update about what’s going on in Extensible land and what the immediate … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Just a quick note that Extensible will be taking a few days off starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 22 through Monday, December 26 to spend some quality time with family and enjoy the holidays.  The forums of course are always open, … Continue reading

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