Extensible 1.6 Release Candidate

The first (and hopefully only) RC for Extensible 1.6 is out! Download it now.

The main goal of this release was to finalize recurrence, but there were quite a number of bug fixes and other improvements throughout.  Make sure you check out the release notes for complete details.  Here are some of the major highlights…


Recurrence support has been significantly improved in this release, with the demo PHP code being completely rewritten and converted to use a MySQL database rather than session storage.  As a result, the recurrence demo works better, I was able to resolve a bunch of bugs related to hacky session code, and best of all the example code might actually be useful to look at!  Make sure you look at the examples/server/README.md for details on getting the new code and database set up.

There is also a new recurrence Rule class that supports parsing RRULE strings and generating human-readable descriptions from them. Thanks to Gabe Sidler for significant contributions with that.

Sencha Cmd

Lately more and more people have been asking that Extensible be made compatible with Sencha Cmd v3 to support builds with automatic dependency management and code optimization. While the ultimate fixes required can’t be made until Extensible 2.0 (it will require making a few API changes), I’ve added some workarounds that should work for now and get people moving forward with Extensible and Cmd (without impacting the existing build scripts). If you want to learn more, have a look at this forum post for more info.


Another nice improvement in this RC is the long-overdue conversion of the Extensible documentation center from ext-doc (aka Ext 3 style) to the fancy new JSDuck format, just like the Ext 4 docs.  They still need some work before the final release, but it’s already a big improvement over the previous version.

Toward 1.6 Final

The main outstanding task for finishing 1.6, aside from any bugs that might arise from this RC, is recurrence documentation. I’m currently working on finishing up the API docs for all of the new recurrence classes, and I’ll be adding a detailed guide specific to setting up and working with recurrence.

If you can download the RC today, test it out, and report any bugs you might find, that would really help!

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2 Responses to Extensible 1.6 Release Candidate

  1. Jacob says:


    Regarding “new recurrence Rule class that supports parsing RRULE strings and generating human-readable descriptions from them”, is that PHP code, or in the javascript?


  2. Brian says:

    There is a new JS class Extensible.form.recurrence.Rule.js. Something similar could definitely be implemented on the server side if needed though.