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Hopefully this post marks the end of the broken RSS feed we’ve had for a while now. It’s been quite an adventure getting it restored. The entire process left me feeling something like this:

Anyway… We’ve also moved the feed over to FeedBurner as long as things were already changing, so you might want to update your subscription to the new feed url (or take this opportunity to subscribe if you haven’t already!).

A quick update on Calendar Pro — the first release of recurrence is done and just about ready for a beta release. I’m finalizing it now and will be pushing out a release within the next day or two for testing and feedback. It still needs a lot of documentation and undoubtedly has a few bugs, but I’d love to start getting input from the community ASAP.  It’s been a longer road than expected, so I’m excited to get this thing shipped and start moving toward the next set of features.

Stay tuned!

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