Extensible 1.0.2 & 1.5.1 Released

I’m pleased to announce the latest maintenance release for each branch of Extensible:

  • Extensible 1.0.2 (for Ext 3.x): A bug-fix release for the most part with a few important fixes for IE and OSX, recommended for all 1.0.x users.¬†For additional details see the 1.0.2 release notes.
  • Extensible 1.5.1 (for Ext 4.x): A bug-fix release that also adds support for the upcoming Ext 4.1 release, which is a significant upgrade in the Ext 4.x line. Recommended for all 1.5.0 users, required if you plan on upgrading to Ext 4.1. For complete details see the 1.5.1 release notes.

Download 1.0.2 and/or 1.5.1

New Configuration Settings

One notable “feature” that was added recently in both 1.0.2 and 1.5.1 is a new file in the root of the project called Extensible-config.js. One common annoyance in the past has been how best to distribute the Extensible examples for ease of setup and use by end developers. Especially under Ext 4.0+, which introduced dynamic loading via Ext.Loader, this became quite a challenge since dynamic loading is ideal for Extensible development, but terrible performance-wise for public release. How best to maintain the needed JS and CSS includes for both Ext and Extensible, across all examples and for both development and release?

The answer now is Extensible-config.js, which writes the JS and CSS includes into the examples dynamically at runtime based on the configuration options specified in that file. Now with a simple config setting you can switch the deployment mode between “release” and “debug” (or “dynamic” under 1.5.1 to use Ext.Loader), or change the root paths for Ext and/or Extensible to easily facilitate testing against different versions. The examples should now work well out of the box (no more local editing of paths or .htaccess files required!) but take a look at the source comments in Extensible-config.js if you’d like to find out more.

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