Extensible 1.5 Released

At long last, the beta is over and the final release is here. Extensible 1.5 provides full compatibility with Ext JS 4, and includes a ton of fixes since the original beta was released.

Download Extensible 1.5

A few notable issues that were fixed in this release:

  • A daylight savings bug in Extensible.Date.add() caused bad things to happen around the end of October.
  • The new scrollbars in OSX Lion created a layout bug in day and week views since they rely on the scroll width as a layout offset for the header area. It’s now calculated correctly rather than a hard-coded pixel offset.
  • The new Ext 4 CSS classname prefixes are now used in the Extensible CSS rules that rely on them (“.x-” instead of “.ext-“). The beta still used the old-style prefixes in some cases, which led to subtle CSS bugs (including faulty event colors and borders in IE).
  • The DateRangeField now support the multi-line layout again.

There are many other fixes as well – for the complete list check out the release notes. If you are still using the beta, please upgrade as soon as possible!

Here are the upcoming next steps we have planned:

  • Extensible 1.0.2
    This will be a maintenance release for the Ext 3 branch to push out the bug fixes that have been made since 1.0.1 (including the Lion scrollbar fix).
  • Extensible 1.1 / 1.6
    This will be a new feature release for both branches focused primarily on the top two features currently in the request queue: recurrence support and split day view support (the ability to subdivide the day view into multiple columns based on some attribute like a user’s calendar).

Now that we’re caught back up with the latest Sencha release we can again start adding new features and continuing to make Calendar Pro the best JavaScript calendar available. We have no shortage of ideas for 1.7 and beyond, but we also love to hear from our community regarding what’s most important, so please tell us.

Have you been using Ext Calendar Pro successfully in your company?  Please let us know. We’d love to receive testimonials and screenshots from happy customers that we can post on our website.  You can also buy a license or support to show your support and help keep Extensible adding new features and products.

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