Quick Update

It’s been a while since my last update and I thought a few people might be interested in what’s going on with Extensible lately.  Originally I had planned to put out a 1.1 version by now.  After Extensible 1.0 I ended up focusing quite a lot of time writing the Ext JS 3→4 migration pack for Sencha for the past couple of months.  Last week I was in Croatia presenting several sessions at the Sourc{ conference.

Now that Ext 4 is out and the conference is over, I’m refocusing on Extensible and plan to get 1.1 out as soon as possible.  I’ve already started adding recurrence support and hope to have something committed for testing very soon.

I have also started updating the calendar for Ext 4 support, which will reside in a separate branch so that Ext 3 will still be fully supported as well.  This will not be part of the 1.1 release plan, but should also be released pretty soon thereafter.

Finally, I will have more exciting Extensible product news in the coming weeks, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet…

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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Asa Julian says:

    Looking forward to it Brian! Especially the upgrade to ExtJS 4! Do you think it would be worth it to attempt to run the calendar in compatibility mode?

  2. Brian says:

    Even in compatibility mode the calendar will not work without additional fixes, so I would definitely say that you should just wait for the updated version.