Alpha 2 Released – What’s New

I’ve uploaded a new release to Github, officially tagged Extensible 1.0 Alpha 2 (download).  You can peruse the release notes, but I wanted to highlight a couple of the significant changes here too.

Multi-Calendar Support

This ended up being a bit more complex than I thought it would be to implement, but I’m pretty pleased with the results so far.

The current release supports choosing calendar colors, hiding and showing each calendar and also introduces a separate CalendarRecord class with CalendarMappings (just like the corresponding event classes).  You cannot yet add or edit calendars, although that will be added in an upcoming release.  However, the new functionality already adds quite a bit to the calendar experience.

Remote Example

Every real calendar implementation is going to use remote data, so it’s important to demonstrate that Ext Calendar Pro supports loading remote data quite easily.  This release adds a new sample that shows just that.  In fact, no changes are required in the calendar code itself — you simply specify the appropriate remote proxy for your data store (and in this case, the REST API also since the new sample is RESTful).  The sample uses a basic MVC-style PHP implementation as the back end, which stores data in the session between page loads.  Additional platform implementations will be added in future releases, but this should get you started down the path of remote data usage.

Everything Else

Of course there are also a bunch of minor updates and bug fixes in this release as well.  Please check out the release notes for details.

The biggest goal for the next release will be implementing the recurrence widget into the calendar, and trying to reach 1.0 API stability if possible so that we can start beta testing.  If you have any feedback or find any bugs, please head over to the forums and let me know!

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