First Alpha Release Available

I’ve just posted the first official alpha build of the Extensible library (which is still pretty much just Calendar Pro for the time being).  If you’d like to try it out you can download the zip file from Github.  The build contains 4 different example pages (with more to come) as well as a current build of documentation for the calendar classes.

There are a few new features in this release compared to the sample in Ext JS 3.3.  For example, there are additional views (multi-day, multi-week) — the samples now include a 2-week view by default.  The events also support right-click context menus as well.  There have been numerous additions and improvements to the component API’s, including a handful of new events for the calendar views.  Most importantly, a number of bugs have been fixed and a lot of internal improvements have been made as well to help transition the components from sample quality to production quality.  While a lot of these changes are not visible on the outside, they are very important for getting Extensible 1.0 off on the right foot.

So What’s the Plan?

The current plan is to have at least 3 more interim releases prior to the final 1.0 release.  Subject to change, this is the current high-level plan:

  • Alpha 2: More new features and fixes, API’s may still change.  Heavy development still.
  • Beta 1: More new features, although I’m planning this to be the feature freeze release.  API’s may change in this release, but hopefully not after.
  • Beta 2: Or possibly RC, depending on how it’s looking.  API should be stable at this point and it should be primarily bug fixes.  May need an RC release after this.

I’m really hoping to get each release out within 1-2 weeks of the previous one, although with a few of the features still to be added it’s hard to say for sure.  If all goes well, this puts us in decent shape for a late October release, depending on what kind of issues might come up between now and then.

So you may be wondering what features are still to be added for 1.0.  Here’s the current list (give or take):

  • Full multi-calendar support with calendar management
  • Recurrence support in the calendar (there is a recurrence control sample in this alpha release, but it’s not integrated into the calendar yet)
  • Enhanced event store functionality for working with remote data
  • Customizable gadget sidebar as a component
  • Read-only events and calendar views
  • At least one server-side sample implementation

And a few other odds and ends, but those are most of the major items.  And before you ask, yes, there are a ton of additional features already on the list for post-1.0.  You have to draw the line somewhere to get a release out the door, so hopefully this will cover enough to get people up and running for now.  In a future update I’ll discuss more about feature plans beyond 1.0.

How Can I Help?

I’m glad you asked!  Please report any bugs or feature requests in the Github issues list for the project.  If you’re not on Github already (why not?) and don’t want to sign up just to post an issue, you can also send me an email.  If you are interested in contributing in any way, feel free to fork the code and send me any changes you come up with.

Time to start working on alpha 2!

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    I am not a talented JavaScript developer so I can’t really help with feature development. But, I am having my software rebuilt in extjs and will very likely be using your calendar pro. My app makes heavy use of a calendar. I look forward to trying out your baby. If you are interested at all in our implementation let me know.