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I’ve never tried to run an email list before, even when it would have been useful to do so. It just always seemed like something that would be difficult to do well and would require too much overhead. For Extensible though I’m trying lots of new things already (Facebook, Twitter) so I figured, why not get an email newsletter set up?

Enter MailChimp.  I’d heard lots about it over the past year or so and even checked it out a while back, but this time I decided to sign up and give it a go.  The great thing is that they offer a full-featured entry level account that is free to start until you get to a minimum subscriber base where it would then make sense to upgrade.  The toolset is comprehensive, which is good and bad.  Trying to accomplish certain tasks seemed a bit more difficult than it should have been, but in a single day I went from zero to a fully-functioning email list with all the custom-styled forms and email templates I needed up and running.  And all for free!  Gotta love the web — in the age of desktop software none of this would have been possible.

Hey, speaking of newsletters, why not subscribe now so you don’t miss out on any product announcements or other Extensible news?

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